All things good happen near bodies of water.

I have this day in my head; the day we shared the headphones and the pedals on a bicycle built for two, the sun shone and the waves rolled and we gently rolled forward in our time. We had hats we’d bought at the beach and we’d left our identifications in a tent full of bikes and a stranger. 

At the end there were granitas and walking was strange because our legs seemed born to pedal. 

But we walked and I tried not to cry because nothing could possibly be that wonderful again. 

I’ve left skin on enough bricks in this town.

We’re caught in the gel of sunshine

reddening and pulsing

like the jellyfish that wrapped itself around you

just for a second.

There are silver lines where 

storied are ripped

you pull them from me

(strands of saffron)

and I wanted so badly to be 


that I let them

love me

in the ways they thought they knew how. 

The ways that stick in your throat.  

Scone with a view. #obnoxiousfoodpost #cornwall #holibobs

Scone with a view. #obnoxiousfoodpost #cornwall #holibobs

Some nights I’ll be sleeping before you’re home. A light sleep that lets me open my eyes to your face and turn from the light. I wince at your cold limbs as you try to lock around me, you are quiet- afraid of my fear. Some nights I pretend, just to hear you whisper all the secrets of love. It’s a game we play. Kindness rings clearer in the dark.